Moverse Whitepaper

Gems and sockets

User can unlock sockets and put gems into the sockets when their sneakers reach a certain level. Using gems will increase the sneaker’s attributes according to the gems. Only corresponding gems can be put into the socket. The types of sockets are random.
There are four types of gems, corresponding to four attributes: Red Gem - Efficiency Yellow Gem - Elasticity Blue Gem - Luck Green Gem - Resilience
  • Upgrade gems:
Users can upgrade gems by combining 3 gems of the same type and of the same level and a number of tokens depending on the gem level.
  • Unlock sockets:
Each pair of shoes has four different sockets, identified by the color that matches the Gems type. Users put Gems into the sockets to increase the Attributes of the shoe.
A gem is unlocked every time the Sneaker reaches levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 respectively.
A higher socket quality will increase the additional point of inserted Gems. The attribute type of the gem can only be seen when it is not unlocked