Moverse Whitepaper


As the leaderboard is divided into 2 broad workout groups, users either choose to go with Moverse’s challenges to keep it at their own pace or accept challenges from other opponents and turn on their “competitive mode” for a race against them.
  • Challenges from Moverse
The collective challenge is held monthly for individuals who want to test their boundaries, surpass other opponents to walk away with huge rewards/ a premium badge.
  • Showdown - Competition between players
One way to stimulate a desire to exercise better is to enter a virtual showdown of different categories, opening up endless possibilities of stamina and endurance.
1 vs 1
The first step is to kickstart the challenge either from your friends list or select the automatic matching system with a suitable opponent.
When locking into a category, a user has accepted to stake $MOVE or at least achieve a certain milestone in their daily quest in order to be eligible for entry.
In addition to the challenge from the system, users can create their own challenges and post them on Moverse's platform. Users can also send challenges directly to friends or other members in the fitness community.
Team vs Team
The challenge room is created by users and the owner can select whichever training mode they prefer. Once the room is filled up with enough participants, Moverse will officially start the race and select the winners and associated prizes.
*Rewards: Once passing all the chosen challenges, the winners will be granted deserving in-app rewards that can be potentially converted into incentives
Because of its active engagement and popularity, this category is set separately to be held at the end of the month. Requirement: Sneakers’ durability - 100%; Energy consumption: >3; Sneakers’ level: >10
There are 2 events, half-marathon and marathon. Users bet an amount for a participation fee, if they complete the marathon within these 3 days, they will get back the bet and receive a badge. The badge helps increase earnings in the next week, badges can be seen by everyone and can be shared on social media (Facebook, Instagram,...) as an achievement. The badge is attached to the shoe forever. Users who complete the marathon in a shorter time will receive a higher tier badge.
After everyone in the guild registers, the guild leader will bet (stake) a number of tokens. All of these tokens will be deposited into the reward pool of that day. After finishing training, the reward pool will be divided from top to bottom according to the achievements of the guilds. (in % of passing the target).
A bonus will be calculated based on the number kilometers completed and the amount of energy that the guild has. The member who contributes the most kilometers will receive the most.
For Guild ranking, the reward will be divided for each guild according to their position from the first to the last.
If a guild does not complete the minimum kilometers within the specified time, they will not receive the reward. All initial staked tokens will be transferred to other guilds.
Energy guild:
Energy guilds are measured on the total number of sneakers of the guild’s members and its qualities. Energy guilds are recharged based on the shoe's extra energy bar charge. Every time a guild’s member moves and charges the energy, the Guild energy is also charged. This energy will determine the amount of bonusus earned in Guild Mode 3.2.2 Athlete system