Mana system

  • C-Mana (Blue Energy)
C-Mana will be charged 25% every 6 hours until reaching 100%. Each cardio training session costs 2 C-mana. The user can increase the maximum C-Mana by possessing higher quality sneakers, or buying more sneakers in one account:
C-Mana (accumulative) is given to users for higher Quality Sneakers
  • S-Mana (Orange Energy)
When doing Cardio Training or moving, the elasticity of the shoe reduces your energy expenditure and this recovered energy is charged into an extra energy bar (orange) called S-Mana. The S-Mana energy bar only lasts for a day and will reset within 24 hours after being last charged the previous day.
Users need S-Mana to start Strength Training exercises such as push up, pull up, plank, ....