Getting Started

Owning at least 2 pairs of NFT sneakers is the prerequisite to enter the Moverse app and start earning from your exercises/workouts.
However, it is possible to enjoy using Moverse without owning any NFT sneakers, although the earnings or Blockchain-related functions cannot be accessed.
  • For newcomers:
Moverse always encourages newcomers who want to start their health improvement journey. Every time a new user registers, creates a profile and starts training, they will receive incentive rewards from Moverse.
Specifically, users only need to download the app, then practice and check-in daily to receive daily rewards. The rewards will be calculated for users by the number of steps per day:
If users complete check-in continuously for a month, they will receive 1 trial sneakers that can unlock the earning functions
Updated news: Beta Testing will be introduced to our OG community in just a couple of weeks. Don't miss out on important notices on our Discord channel