Moverse Whitepaper

Sneaker's Attributes

Moverse sneakers have four attributes:
  • Efficiency: affects player earnings. Higher efficiency attributes will result in better earnings per Energy spent.
  • Elasticity: reduces Blue Energy consumption, and this reduced energy is converted into Gold Energy, which can be used for Strength Training exercises like push-ups. The energy bar will be reset the next day.
  • Luck: increases the chance of getting MoonBox
  • Resilience: affects the durability (*) of the shoe. The higher the resilience, the more durable the shoe will be.
(*) Durability: the durability of the Sneaker. As the user moves, the Durability decreases, and the performance of the shoe will be affected. Users can use $MOVE to reset durability points, the higher the level and the higher the quality, the higher the fee.