DAO Integration

What is DAO Integration?

This is a decentralized eco-system governed and evolved by the workout-a-holic community through a DAO, paving the way to a sovereign fitness society. Here is what you can expect from our one of the kind DAO.
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    100% of decision made by end-users We will transfer decision-making power to end users. This means that users will be able to make decisions about token inflationary risk, trading regulations, and maintaining NFT value, as well as vote for the next board of validators in charge of our sustainable in-app economy.
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    The new stream of revenue DAO is now more than simply an important part of our operations; it's also a way for users to make passive money. NFT holders will receive a portion of the liquidity pool profits. Voting will be used to determine the exact profit-sharing percentage.
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    Transparent and trustworthy DAO operation Smart contracts automate DAO operation, allowing DAOs to function more effectively, transparently, and reliably. As a result, users can experience SAFU! Every decision is made by community voting (NFT holders). All adjustments or profit sharing from the liquidity pool must be voted on by NFT holders.
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    DEV can't get involved in the liquidity pool DEV can only raise ideas but can't make the final decision regarding withdrawing money from the platform.

Benefit of DAO investors and contributors

DAO investors and contributors (NFT holders) has
  • Voting rights
  • Access to private groups
  • Shared profits from liquidity pool operation