NFT Affiliate

What is NFT Affiliate?

NFT Affiliate is a brand-new feature that gives users the ability to mint NFTs based on their existing NFT level. The higher your NFT tier, the more NFTs you'll be able to mint.
Each time a new NFT is issued, a $100 fee will be charged.
This amount includes 10% for NFT owners, 10% for Marketing budget, 10% for DEV, and the remaining 70% will be added to the MOVEswap liquidity pool.

What is the benefit of NFT Affiliate Program?

Owning NFTs in Moverse always comes with big perks! Let’s explore how our NFT Affiliate benefits you in the long run.
  • Earn 10% of your minting fee
  • Earn commission from your new NFTs activities
  • Earn more lucrative rewards
NFT holders can earn a commission from your friends’ earnings so the more friends you share the more rewards you receive.
Moverse will not be releasing any NFT boxes, so all boxes will be minted from the first 100 Original boxes. We will give away 50 boxes and keep 50 boxes in-store for project development.

How does it work?

Each NFT gets a unique link (an "affiliate link") from which users can mint new NFTs.
When users mint new NFTs or others mint new NFTs from your ref link, it will be added to your subtrees. NFT holders can earn a commission from your friends’ earnings ( 1st and 2nd subtrees)
Example: If you’re NFT holders on level 2, you can earn passive rewards from your friends’ earnings layer 1 (F2) and from your friends’ earnings layer 1 (F2).
Users need to level their NFT to mint more NFTs and extend their network and earnings.